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A Challenge to the Church
The Bible speaks to us as Christians about our practical service for and to Christ. Paul was “eager to help the poor” (Galatians 2:10). The Samaritan put his hand in his own pocket, paid the innkeeper and committed to paying all expenses until the man recovered. Following this example, one member of a church in Southport put up a small pension of £6,000 and another church member borrowed £20,000 against her property. As a result Green Pastures started with its first property to house the homeless! 
The Partner
The Bible talks about Christians being committed to serving one another. Each partner agrees to house and care for the homeless in their locality. The partner recommends property to us for purchase, receives housing referrals, maintains the property, cares for residents and manages their Housing Benefit claim. Through their volunteer team each partner assists the residents with managing bills, family advice, claiming benefits, training, accessing employment and more. Most importantly our partners pray for our residents and through all their support the love of Christ is shared in word and deed. 
Green Pastures
Through our network of 55+ partners we house and care for 910+ people! Lives are transformed every day! We will provide you with all the paperwork and resources to enable you to run supported housing. We will guide you through all the administration setup (including compiling the rent sheet) through our team of partner liaisons. You will have access to 20 years of experience in housing the homeless and the shared knowledge of all our partners. We gather all our partners together once a year for our Partner Conference where you will receive training & encouragement. You DON’T need experience in housing but you DO need a heart for the needy. We are here to serve and release each partner into caring for the homeless and those in most need. As a result many residents come into a relationship with Jesus. 
  • We are at Causeway Coast Vineyard for Encounter More Conference this weekend! We'd love to let you know what we can…

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