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housed by GP.
“Investing in Green Pastures is not only a financial investment but it is also an investment in the work to build the kingdom of God here on Earth. This kind of investment really makes a difference to individuals’ lives. Through Green Pastures we can be Jesus’ hands and feet reaching out to those who have been forgotten by society.”
Pete Cunningham one of the founders Green Pastures
What our investors say
Distinct from other ethical investments, all of which will hopefully become more popular with time, this one has to be in the win win category. The chosen interest easily competes with many (all?) other high street and other building society rates and, though "unsecured", must surely be so only in the sense of a home made financial instrument. Consider Psalm 28.'
David Brown Douglas

'We are investing in Green Pastures because we want our money to make a difference for others. Although the financial returns alone make it worthwhile, the knowledge that you are helping vulnerable people is the prime motivation for us.'
Dave Smith

'I was looking to invest my money in something more meaningful than an ISA , that would give me a financial return and would also be of benefit to people in less fortunate life circumstances than my own. To my mind, there is only so much satisfaction you can get with a decent home and nice home furnishings, whilst in the back of your mind there is an awareness of the many many people destitute with no home at all, and realistically very little hope of getting one without support. Investing in Green Pastures has given me a great sense of satisfaction actually! It simply makes me feel good when I look through my financial papers and see my shares certificates in something worthwhile! (Can't say the same for the rest of my papers!)'
Eleanor Bigden

Green Pastures provides a practical outlet to show God's love in action, housing the homeless and helping those most marginalised in society. It's quite hard to find ethical investments and Green Pastures allows us to use our resources to expand His kingdom. It has also blessed us with spiritual and financial rewards as well as the opportunity to see God moving in other people's lives.'
Clive Parsons

'As a widowed pensioner I could see my savings reducing by such a poor rate of interest. When I heard about making a loan to Green Pastures I thought it was such a good opportunity to get a good rate of interest and know that it was helping to house the increasing number of homeless
people. The more people who invest in Green Pastures the more homeless people can be housed, so you win both ways.'
Marian Kingsley 

I had been looking for an ethical investment that made a difference to people's lives and at the same time provided a stable and tested business model - in my view Green Pastures CBS does just that. When I saw their work up in Southport I was blown away and the dedication and love that the team give in their daily work is inspiring. 
Jonathan Harbottle

'Green Pastures is a great place to invest your money. I value not having my money in the bank giving them interest, but rather investing it somewhere that makes an ethical difference. This kind of investment makes me feel good.'
Carl Bodecker 
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Green Pastures Housing, charity number 1131468, a company limited by guarantee 06835266,
Green Pastures CBS, an industrial and provident society and exempt charity number XT27103, registered number 31116R. Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.
Registered Office: 9 Mornington Road, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 0TS. Green Pastures is the working title of Green Pastures CBS Limited and other Green Pastures companies.