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housed by GP.
Invest to house the homeless! 5% is available for loans that are 5 years or more. The calculator assumes that you will take your interest annually. The total return is the number of yrs x the annual return. The longer you invest for and the lower the interest rate you select, the more people we can house!
Amount (£)*
Interest rate*
UK Tax Payer*
Net return
Homeless people housed (for the duration of your investment)
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  • Green Pastures will pay you up to 5% to end homelessness in the UK. Since 2005 individuals and organisations have invested money in Green Pastures to house those in need. We use this money to house the homeless and through our network of partners we offer ongoing pastoral support. Where is your money invested today? Is it having a positive impact on society?

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  • Thank you THANK YOU to all our new investors! Together we are ending homelessness across the UK! If you want to jo…

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