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Across the UK we are starting up social enterprises to deal with a wide range of social issues. This programme is aimed at providing mentoring, training and work experience to our residents. It enables residents to gain the skills they need to work for an employer or run their own business. From teaching ex-addicts trades in Rotherham to helping residents grow and sell produce in Woking, more and more are starting up. These Social Enterprises benefit both our residents and their local communities. Our residents, many of whom have spent decades out of work, are given a chance to learn new skills and get back to work. Their local communities are given an honest and needed enterprise. 

“A few years ago I had no sense of purpose, no reason to get up, I didn’t know any other way…” In 2009 Richard was housed by The Lighthouse, Green Pasture’s partner in Rotherham. He arrived at the Lighthouse having lost 20 years to heroin and amphetamine abuse. He spent several years of living on the street and arrived with no shoes, no support network and no hope. Green Pastures housed Richard and The Lighthouse trained him in plumbing and electrical wiring. The Lighthouse has also trained him in brick laying and Richard has gained a license to operate a digger. Richard’s knowledge gained on drug awareness courses has helped him help others in his role as a mentor.“.. I have learnt what it means to be a Christian and listened to good advice…” Your giving allows Green Pastures to continue developing social enterprises working with our partners around the UK. These partner businesses grow your investment by adding value to people's lives and creating a financial return to Green Pastures. This is then reinvested to raise more people like Richard, who, when helped, have been empowered to help others. Today Richard mentors those who are in a similar situation that he found himself in two years ago and work to develop Green Pastures properties for the homeless. “… I am shocked at what I do now. I am on site looking after two lads who are training at college one day a week... Me!” 
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