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Small acts of kindness
I was looking again at the story of the Good Samaritan this week. One of our biggest tendencies to failure in this life is that to take the position of judge and condemner. When the good Samaritan arrives at the scene he finds a man who was beaten, broken, possibly even unconscious and left for dead. But he doesn’t even pause to question how someone might get into that situation, no, he springs into action! If you look at the attitude of the Good Samaritan it is quite remarkable. Not only does he go over to the man, but he gets out his First Aid kit! He bandaged this man up, put him on his own transport (a donkey) and took him to the Inn-keeper. We often miss the fact that during that first night at the Inn, the Samaritan cared for the injured man. All of these small details point to what should be the spirit of the servant Christ in us. It’s so easy when you are on a mission to miss out on the delicacy of kindness in the details. We must remember that it’s often the little acts of kindness among the broader charge that can make the difference. Jesus chastised the disciples when they thought their business was to important and to sophisticated for little children. We are called to bare one another’s burdens and encourage one another in Christ. Practically this means meeting people where they are at, being very careful not to impose our presuppositions on them, to serve people sacrificially and encourage people in Christ.

Recently I’ve been diagnosed with Angina, and I’ve needed to rely on the care and support of others to help me get through. When I’ve struggled physically, my brothers and sisters have come to my need in small and practical ways. I’ve seen the light of Christ in those who have come to my need. People haven’t judged my lack of efficiency or complained at the tedium of the support that I’ve needed, they’ve loved me like Jesus loves me. What a blessing!
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